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Top 100 Event Management Planners of 2013

Top 100 Event Management Planners of The 2013

Let’s talk about event planner. If you open the web and start to search for an event management company or you are simply looking for a suggestion on Yelp the list is overwhelming, you get immediately discouraged but mostly lost among websites.
How can you really find the right company and the right planner for your specific event? What are the important questions to ask to understand if you are hiring the right person?

But let’s go through the list of skills that an event planner needs to showcase: organization, creativity, multitasking, attention to details, she/he must be a great decision maker, able to handle vendors and negotiate, problem solver and more. Certainly organization and creativity are two of the most important qualities, but a good dose of marketing is strictly required.

“How many events have you thrown? Of those events, how many attendees are repeat attendees from the previous year? How many new attendees were referrals from other attendees? How many are brand new attendees as a result of social media buzz?” –  Sparkah Business Consulting Tackles Marketing, Google, Sales, and Strategic Alliances

In the past 10 years the industry started to grow exponentially and the event management became more and more segmented. We used to talk about hospitality and entertainement, we now talk about many different specific areas for many different industries. Conference planners, medical seminars planner, high tech trade shows, fundraising and more. The industry is becoming so detailed oriented and so specific. Did you try to look for a job or bid for a proposal lately? The client has a specific list of request you need to satisfy in order to get the job.

“Event planning is becoming one of the most popular career choices in the entertainment field. An event planner works with many different clients, from large corporations to clients wanting a simple birthday party. The employment opportunities are competitive, but with dedication, anyone can make it in the event planning field” – eHOW


Well, for my prospective it’s not so easy as it looks. Everybody can learn sure, but to become a great event planner you definitely need some skills that you don’t learn or buy. Clients wants you to not only provide and follow meticulously all the details of the event, but they also will expect you to feed ideas and different plans to expand the scenario. Your role is not just research, design, plan, budget, coordinate and evaluate, but also Communicate! Yes you may have the right ideas but you also need the right words to communicate, to convince to win. To execute a plan you need to understand the event vision, the goals and be able to engage with your clients. Find the best ways to communicate, learn how to interact, be responsive in every form of communication, influence decisions and process. Last but not least, you must know how to l manage the expectations, and if you think it’s easy you are making a big mistake. Manage expectation is really hard, first of all because you desperately want to make your client happy and have a success, and second because you constantly need to negotiate between vendors, clients, and staff. So what’s the suggestion here? Listen, listen, and listen! Try to understand your client, his needs, his goal and learn his language. Become his partner and work with him as a partner for his program. At the end you are both living the same adventure!

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